Communities Secretary calls for "new approach" to housing

We said before that the new government must get on and build new housing so we were pleased to see, this week, the Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid, criticise the NIMBY – Not In My Back Yard – attitude to development that is seen in many areas.
At the Local Government Association (LGA) conference in Birmingham, Javid said that:

where housing is particularly unaffordable, local leaders need to take a long, hard, honest look to see if they are planning for the right number of homes.

The Telegraph reported that his comments could prove controversial with grassroots Tory voters, many of whom live in affluent areas, and this will come as no surprise. It is unusual for planning stories to reach beyond the broadsheet papers but even The Sun recognises that the shortage of affordable housing is now one of Britain’s greatest problems and says we should unite to tackle it.
This momentum to solve the UK housing crisis is encouraging but what happens next? Javid will launch a consultation later this month on a new way for councils to assess their local housing requirements.
Significantly, he said that this will require a “new approach. One that is straightforward, so everyone can understand the process”. We couldn’t agree more.
The planning process is far too complicated. We want to make it simple and aim to make it as easy as possible for people to support homes in their local area.

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Sajid Javid speaking at the LGA Conference in Birmingham. Photo courtesy of  Planning Resource , 2017.

Sajid Javid speaking at the LGA Conference in Birmingham. Photo courtesy of Planning Resource, 2017.