How can we make providing land for housing supply less of an issue?

Providing land for housing is often contentious and today marked an important legal ruling, at least in the planning world, relating to how parts of the National Planning Policy Framework (or NPPF) should be interpreted. The NPPF was published in 2012 and provides guidance for local authorities when deciding on local plans and planning applications.

Jamie Carpenter (Planning Resource) provides the detail of the Supreme Court ruling, which confirmed the importance of local authorities identifying a five-year supply of land for housing. Overall, the reaction (as reported in The Planner) has generally been favourable as the ruling has provided clarity over interpretation. However, you can expect the lawyers to continue to have a field day picking over some of the finer detail…

Perhaps what is more important, from a local point of view, is how we can make the process of identifying land for housing less contentious in the first place? Neighbourhood planning certainly has its place - more than 20 neighbourhood plans were passed at referendums last week with high turnouts - and it is hoped that this positive engagement at a local level will continue. What is equally important is that local councillors see that residents in their areas are calling for more homes to be built. You can take action today by registering here.

(Courtesy of  GOV.UK , 2013). 

(Courtesy of GOV.UK, 2013).